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Lupe Diaz

Lupe Diaz

Client Relations Coordinator

I make sure everything is running smoothly at Sagemark Consulting, so our clients get the focus they need from our team in creating more time and financial freedom so clients can focus on what is important to them. I have worn several hats during my seven years serving Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors clients including Office Facilitator, New Accounts Processor and my current role as Client Relations Coordinator for our practice. 

What I love about my work with clients
I am focused on building and maintaining a positive experience for everyone while ensuring our clients' needs are being met. I like interacting with clients and being able to help in any way I can to make a little difference in their lives and businesses, and helping them pursue their goals and legacy.

How my work experience helps clients
I have been working with clients for over 20 years and my breadth of knowledge and experience of customer relations has helped me provide a better customer experience. I am a great listener with a positive perspective of life and a very responsible person who has a good understanding of who our clients are and what are their needs. 

Life outside of work

  • Celebrate a loving marriage and surrounded by four children and a grandchild
  • Enjoy home décor and being in the outdoors
  • Love helping my community in anything I can do
  • Like to travel and explore to new places with Europe as my dream destination