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The Planning Experience — Our Services

Sagemark Consulting is a boutique wealth advisory firm that provides comprehensive financial solutions. We are a preeminent fee-based financial planning firm with prodigious experience in asset management, business continuity and wealth transfer strategies. Our firm’s specialties include the following:

Holistic Wealth Management

Your Wealth Potential

Develop an integrated wealth plan that helps ensure every part of your financial life is working in harmony.

Financial Planning and Design

Planning makes perfect

Create the right plan that is designed to reduce financial stress, support current needs and build legacies for the future.

Multi-Generational Estate Planning

Create Their Future

Define a plan for long-term financial stability and success of future generations.

Active Tax Management

Maximize tax opportunities

Actively approach tax management to capture better returns and minimize losses throughout the year.

Smart Risk Management

Identify, assess and control risks

 Be prepared for potential uncertainty, legal challenges and unforeseen threats.

Business Succession 

Build today for growth tomorrow

Your business is a great asset,
so protect it today for the future.


Our planning process  

Distribution of your assets and investments isn’t the only goal of protecting family wealth. Even more vital is to identify your values and discover what you want to leave your family, community, and the world during your lifetime and beyond. Family financial planning is a purposeful, ongoing journey that we can take with you.