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Joel Goldhirsh

Joel Goldhirsh

Why did I get into the business of protecting family wealth and wellbeing? I believe that people who have worked hard all their lives need someone who will play a proactive role in their financial lives. The goal of protecting family wealth and wellbeing is not only considering the distribution of your assets but even more importantly to identify what mark you want to leave on your family, community and the world during your life time as well as when you are gone.

Family financial planning is a purposeful, on-going process that identifies personal, financial, legal and philanthropic goals. Using a value based planning approach since 1986 allows me to provide customized financial advice in the areas of wealth management, estate tax strategies, asset protection, business transfer and benefits, financial parenting and philanthropic planning. It is important for you to make well-informed decisions about your estate, investments and retirement plans so that you are provided greater financial independence, and a sense of security.

I had the good fortune to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Texas, Austin. I spent seven years with the public accounting firms of Coopers & Lybrand and Kenneth Leventhal & Co. As a CPA (though no longer practicing as such), I gained great experience analyzing financial data historically. However when I had an opportunity to work in a CFO capacity in a closely held business, I learned it was more important to plan for the future.

Providing value to owners of closely held businesses, affluent families, non-profit and professional associations is a passion of mine. Over the years I have conducted more than 150 educational workshops along with continuing education to attorneys and CPAs. Presentation topics have included:

  • Money Talks: Making It Say the Right Things
  • Legislative Changes and Its Impact on You – featuring Congressman John Campbell
  • Intelligent Financial Solutions to Safeguard and Accumulate Wealth
  • Making Retirement Assets Last a Lifetime
  • How to Get Equity Out of Your Business on a Tax Favored Basis
  • Financial Implications of Divorce

It is important to me and my family to give back to the community. We are proud to have contributed and participated in the community events that benefit breast cancer research, programs to help foster youth and to stop child abuse. I serve as a member of Orangewood Foundation Board of Directors.

On a personal note I have resided in Orange County since 1984 and have been married to Karen since 1983. We have two daughters, Rachael who graduated from the University of Arizona and Kelly who graduated from The Art Institute of San Diego. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, golf and traveling.